Paty López de la Cerda reveals that she suffers from dysautonomia and epilepsy

A few days ago, the host Paty López de la Cerda boasted in social networks that she was vacationing in Isla Mujeres with her beau, However, the trip did not go as well as I expected since came to the hospital to be admitted.

So is, The former host of TV Azteca revealed that she had to be admitted because she was tired and could not breathe well, therefore, several tests were applied immediately.

Paty López de la Cerda reveals that she suffers from dysautonomia and epilepsy

Finally, after several visits to the hospital, Paty López de la Cerda reported that she suffers from epilepsy and dysautonomia, illnesses that have kept her in a hospital for about a month.

Through your official account Instagram, The beautiful presenter shared her health status with her followers and revealed all the results that have given him after the exams.

“The neurologist diagnosed me with a disease of the autonomic nervous system called dysautonomia, I read that it is an invisible disability … Although millions of people in the world suffer from it, so far there is little information about it, and, although there is no cure, You can control with medications and various cares ”, assured Paty López de la Cerda on her Instagram account.

It all started at the end of December

According to the driver, The discomfort began on December 28 of last year, he detailed that he presented tachycardia and migraineFurthermore, she was unable to speak, a situation that was repeated after she was discharged.

“The feeling of waking up afraid of trying to speak and knowing that maybe you can’t, is horrible. The following Monday I almost completely lost my speech… When reviewing my EEG, he realized that there was something wrong in the left hemisphere of my brain and that my study was abnormal ”, Paty López de la Cerda.

The driver shared images at the hospital

Paty López de la Cerda shared with his fans some images in the hospital and assured that he is already in treatment of both conditions.

“Sometimes it is difficult to get used to the idea that feeling the healthiest person and not being a fan of taking medicine, knowing that from one day to the next this is going to be part of my life forever,” he explained.

“It has also been a huge lesson in all that I have always demanded of my body and mind and that I must be much more kind and compassionate with myself. (A very important part of my epilepsy has to do with being relaxed and calm so as not to trigger these attacks again.) ”, He added.

Some colleagues of the driver’s profession have sent messages of support and encouragement, we hope you will soon heal from all these ailments that you have.

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