Paris Hilton testified about the abuse she experienced in school during her adolescence

After at the end of 2020 the documentary of Netflix “This is Paris” will reveal that Paris Hilton suffered abuse as a teenager, the singer decided to testify about the case that she lived years ago in a boarding school in Utah in order to support a bill that seeks to regulate the controversial teen industry in the state.

When she was 17 years old, Paris Hilton attended the Provo Canyon School, where she assures that she was physically and mentally abused. As recounted in This is Paris, the socialite was forced to take unidentified pills, was spied on while bathing, and was placed in solitary confinement without clothes.

“From the moment I woke up, until I fell asleep, they yelled at my face all the time, it was a real torture”, remembers Hilton in the documentary

“The staff people were saying terrible things to us. They made me feel bad about myself all the time and they bullied me. They physically abused us, beat us and strangled us. They wanted to instill fear in all young people so that we would be terrified of disobeying them, ”said the famous.

In front of the commission, Paris assured that the treatment he received was so traumatic that he suffered insomnia and nightmares for years.

“Talking about something so personal was and still is terrifying. But I can’t go to sleep at night knowing that there are other kids experiencing the same abuse as me and so many more went through, and neither should you ”.

Currently, Provo Canyon School has nine owners and the administration limited itself to commenting on the matter. A statement on its website claims that the previous owners sold it in 2000.

Other women reported abuse at school

Since the Paris Hilton documentary was released, other women like Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson and the tattoo artist Kat Von D, have reported abuse in the institution.

In his statement, Hilton called on President Joe Biden and Congress to push for a bill on the issue.

“This is just the first step. This initiative is definitely going to help a lot of kids, but obviously there is more work to be done and I won’t stop until the change happens. “

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