Pablo Lyle faces new lawsuit for the death of the Latino he hit in Miami

Two years ago, the life of actor Pablo Lyle changed completely, after a man died after being beaten by the famous and now it seems that things have become a little more complicated, because faces a new lawsuit for the death of the Latino of the third age.

And is that both he and his brother-in-law were sued by Juan Hernández junior, son of the person who died after an altercation with the actor on the streets of Miami.

The lawsuit was filed on March 29 by the son of the deceased, on behalf of the family, and in it demands compensation of $ 100,000 for negligence on the part of Lyle and Delfino, the actor’s brother-in-law.

It will be necessary to remember that, On March 31, 2019, Pablo Lyle hit an elderly Latino in Miami, who fell to the ground and after being hospitalized, died 4 days later.

The altercation was recorded on a security camera, where it can be seen that Juan Ricardo Hernández Hernández gets out of his car to touch the window of Delfino, who was driving, due to a wrong move previously.

However, Pablo Lyle reacted violently, hitting the man and leaving him on the floor.

Why is Pablo Lyle facing a new lawsuit?

The son pointed out that he has suffered emotionally and that the inheritance left by his father was used to pay for medical and funeral expenses.

According to a report from Miami-Dade County, Hernández Hernández, a senior citizen, died of complications from a blunt trauma to the head.

After spending several weeks in prison, a judge gave Pablo Lyle house arrest, without the possibility of leaving the country, although the actor was based in Mexico.

Lyle will have a virtual audience on May 27 And now he faces a new lawsuit for the death of the third-age Latino who struck in Miami.

According to local media, Juan Ricardo Hernández Hernández was 63 years old, a Miami resident and of Cuban origin.

Hernández Hernández passed away on April 4, 2019 in the Jackson Memorial Hospital.