Oprah Winfrey tearfully recounts childhood traumatic moment she has never talked about with Dr. Oz (exclusive)

Oprah Winfrey is opening up about a traumatic childhood moment.

Before the media mogul’s appearance in The Dr. Oz ShowOn Thursday, ET has an exclusive clip of Winfrey emotionally recounting a terrifying moment that she has never shared until now. In the video, Winfrey, who is promoting her new book, What happened to you? Conversations about trauma, resilience and healing, open up about the memory that is related to your feeling of insecurity while sleeping.

“My grandmother and I slept in bed together. My grandfather was in a room on the other side of the wall and one night in the middle of the night, my grandfather gets out of bed and walks into the room,” he recalls. “And I wake up and he has his hands around my grandmother’s neck and she’s screaming.”

“She manages to push him out of her and step over him. He falls. She steps over him and runs to the front door. I run out of bed with her. It’s completely dark in the middle of the night in rural Mississippi, “She continues. “And he goes out on the porch and starts yelling ‘Henry, Henry.’ There is an old man who lived on the street that we call Cousin Henry, he was blind. “

Winfrey then becomes visibly excited, as she admits that this is the first time she has spoken publicly about the moment.

“Cousin Henry comes down the street in the middle of the night to help my grandmother lift my grandfather off the ground,” he continues. “And after that, my grandmother put a chair under the doorknob and some cans around the chair. And that’s how we slept every night. I sleep, always slept with, listening to the cans. Listening to what if that the doorknob moves. “

Winfrey’s new book, published now, with collaborating neuroscientist Dr. Bruce Perry, is a moving and healing book on trauma therapy. The two bring their considerable experience and knowledge to the fore in this helpful, informative, and practical guide that offers much-needed information about complex PTSD, traumatic bonds, and intense stress.

Winfrey’s full episode of The Dr. Oz Show will air on Thursday, April 29. local listings for more information.


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