Olivia Rodrigo will release a new song and it’s no joke

Singer and actress Olivia rodrigo has become a sensation for his role in the series High School Musical: the musical, the series and now it will launch a new song.

The singer celebrated her 18th birthday by premiering the song Driver’s License which has been a success and will be part of their first album.

Now, Olivia rodrigo has created expectation among his fans because he announced that he will launch a new song called Deja vu.

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The single, which can now be pre-ordered on Spotify and Apple Music, will be released on April 1 at noon (EST).

My new song deja vu it leaves on Thursday (…). I promise you it’s not an innocent joke hahaha,

Olivia Rodrigo tweeted.

Your song Driver’s License It has already reached 500 million views on Spotify and the official video of the song has more than 168 million views on YouTube just 2 months after its premiere.

In Colombia, Spain and Mexico, the song Driver’s License It is among the first places of the most listened to songs of the month of March.

Olivia rodrigo was creating an expectation campaign with publications on his account Instagram before revealing the premiere of his new song Deja vu.

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