North West Shows Sister Chicago And Dream Kardashian How To Make Ramen

North West may add a budding chef to its talent roster.

Kim Kardashian West shared some adorable clips of her 7-year-old daughter showing her sister, Chicago West, and her cousin, Dream Kardashian, how to do Ramen Wednesday night on her Instagram Stories.

“What are Chef Northy and Chef Chi-Chi and Chef Dreamy doing, what are you doing?” Kim asks the girls while a pot of Ramen boils on the stove.

“Who wants to crush it?” North asks. “I!” the two girls respond enthusiastically.

“Can you explain this delicious food to me?” the mother of four asks the busy cooks. “Can you tell me, however, what is your specialty?” Kim pokes before removing the lid from the pot to check the noodles.

“Oh, this looks delicious,” the SKIMS says the founder.

“Okay, try to grind it up,” North asks. “Don’t raise the water from here to here,” North tells the girls as they twirl their spatulas around the noodles.

“Or do you want me to show you the sound? Okay, come back,” North says before pulling his spatula out of the boiling water.

“What sound?” Kim asks. “It says like shhh,” North responds. “Oh no, no,” says the concerned mother before ending the video.

Kim is proud to showcase her daughter’s talent and is ready to help everyone who hates her. Earlier this month, she defended her daughter after people on social media began questioning whether North actually painted the mountain-by-the-lake oil painting that Kim posted on Instagram.

“Don’t play me when it comes to my kids,” Kim began in her Instagram Story post, before sharing that North and her best friend have been “taking a serious oil painting class where their talent and creativity are nurtured and nurtured. . “

“North worked incredibly hard on her painting, which took several weeks to complete,” she continued, adding that as a “proud mother” she wanted to share her work with everyone.

“I see opinion pieces in the media and social networks of older adults analyzing whether my son really painted this or not!” Kim exclaimed. “How dare you see kids doing amazing things and then try to accuse them of NOT being awesome ?!”

He concluded by telling people to “stop being embarrassed” with negativity and “let all children be GREAT!”

At the end of the day, she is her father’s daughter. From rapping at the Kanye West fashion show to painting, preparing a feast, and even getting glamorous with mom.

On Thursday, Kardashian shared some new photos of North wearing her SKIMS line and glamorizing.

“My beautiful, sweet and smart girl! I love playing dress-up with you!” Kardashian wrote alongside photos of her mini-me.

Watch the video below to see North’s first rap performance during Kanye’s show at Paris Fashion Week.


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