NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre talks about his showbiz advice for Son Griffin (Exclusive)

Imparting a little parental wisdom! After a life spent in show business, Joey McIntyre has some no-nonsense, no-nonsense advice for his young son, Griffin.

The New kids on the block singer and her 13-year-old son, who star in the Netflix sitcom Comfort in the field – recently sat down to interview for ET, and Joey dug into his years of experience to give his son some advice as he enters the world of entertainment.

“Relax. Relax. You know … be nice. Be patient,” Joey shared. “You have a whole cast of these people who are your friends now, and they know other kids … so it’s good that they take the initiative here and there, and you don’t have to do everything, which is good.”

Griffin’s sitcom, in which he appears alongside Katharine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian, to name a few, premiered on March 19, and, looking at his son’s burgeoning career, Joey reflected on how Griffin’s early days in showbiz have been compared to their own.

“You’re a lot more balanced,” Joey said. Even though we were having fun [in NKOTB]It happened so fast and we were kind of immersed in it. “

“Again, I had four other guys to take the ride, you know with me. I see you much more balanced,” he added. “You’re also a bit healthier overall. I mean, it’s not that I wasn’t healthy, but I could have used a nap.”

As for Griffin, he already has big plans for who he would like to perform with in the future.

“Leonardo DiCaprio,” he said, when his father asked him. “From the beginning”.

“Wait a minute, he, at this point, would like to play your daddy,” Joey replied. “Won’t you, like, I to play your dad? “

“I would like you to play my dad!” Griffin replied. “Could be, like, your friend!”

The 10-episode first season of Comfort in the fieldis now streaming on Netflix.


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