Nickelodeon will premiere a themed hotel and here we give you the details

We all grew up on some Nickelodeon cartoon the channel that is gaining more and more followers for its content for children and not so for children, and which have positioned themselves in the imagination of all its fans.

We want to go! Nickelodeon will premiere a themed hotel and here we give you the details

For all fans of the brand there is great news, because if you are planning a trip in the future, there is a tremendous option to choose from and it is a Nickelodeon theme park, with various canal amenities.

So is, You will be able to meet SpongeBob and Patrick live, thanks to the fact that the hotel will have various activities and amenities that go with the channel’s programming.

This new Nickelodeon themed hotel will open on the Mayan Riviera, so very soon they will be able to go to have a great time at the beach in a suite like the pineapple where our favorite sponge lives.

Who are the owners of the new Nickelodeon theme park?

The complex exists thanks to the fact that the canal has been associated with Grupo Lomas and the Karisma Hotels & Resorts chain, to bring us the first Nickelodeon themed hotel in Mexico.

Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts it will be the ideal place to take your family to hang out in the Riviera Maya, will have 280 luxury suites, pool and ocean view with two bathrooms for each bedroom.

What’s more, each of the rooms will have graphic pieces, furniture and more things that will remember those emblematic characters of the television network.

You can visit the new ‘Suite de la Piña’

For fans of Spongebob, there is an exclusive ‘”Suite de la Piña”, in addition to other activities that go with the canal line.

“After the great success of Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana we could not be better prepared to expand the brand experience with this new resort, which in addition to offering spectacular ocean views,” said Mario Mathieu, Vice President of Development of Karisma Hotels & Resorts businesses.

“In addition, it will have swimming channels on each balcony and themed experiences with a cast of 20 Nickelodeon characters who will live with our guests daily,” he added.

In addition to having exclusive rooms, It will also feature attractions such as the Aqua Nick, a water park that will be located in the center of the complex with all kinds of settings for young and old.

How much does it cost each night at the new Nickelodeon hotel?

For its part, Nickelodeon Place will be the entertainment center of the place where everyone can live with the characters of the channel as himself SpongeBob, Blue from Blue’s Clues and even the Ninja Turtles.

This area will have game room, one for sports and even live musical performances.

All this fun will be available for a price of 453 dollars per person (About 9 thousand Mexican pesos) and they already include everything previously mentioned, in addition to the Gourmet experience that is in the hotel.

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