Netflix releases sequel to Train to Busan: Peninsula

If you like horror movies and you are looking for which movies to watch during the weekend on Netflix, we have good news for you and it is that Zombie Station 2: Peninsula has already reached the streaming platform, the sequel to Train to Busan.

Peninsula is the new premiere for the Easter holidays and stars Kang Dong Won and Lee Jung Hyun.

What is Peninsula, the continuation of Train to Busan on Netflix, about?

The plot moves 4 years after the events of the first part, when Seok Woo (actor Gong Yoo) tries to save his daughter and get her out of the city from the zombie invasion.

In this installment, the navy captain, Jung Suk, will try to save his sister and nephew from the virus that turns everyone into a zombie.

In their attempt to survive, the family moves to the Busan Peninsula, where they will meet acquaintances, but also a group of a military man and other obstacles.

Here we leave you the trailer of Zombie Station 2: Peninsula, which is now available on Netflix.

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