Netflix and NASA will broadcast 51 hours for his birthday

The premiere of the second season of Luis Miguel’s series caused millions of fans and subscribers of Netflix they will begin to see the first two episodes on Sunday night.

Social networks were flooded with comments about the series, some positive and others, because they left them wanting more, despite the fact that Netflix advised that this would be the only week with two episodes.

A romance with Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel’s first daughter

Just one day before birthday of Luis Miguel, Netflix decided to release the couple of chapters where part of his romance with Stephanie Salas is revealed, and how Michelle Salas was born, a daughter who at first had not recognized El Sol.

By then, Stephanie Salas was about 19 years old, She became a mother at an early age in 1989, she was a singer and an actress, so she had no problem giving her daughter a good life.

A second season of the Luis Miguel Series full of surprises

This and more passages were revealed in the two new episodes of the second season of Luis Miguel, which is sure to cause a stir, as the following chapters promise to be more intense.

Also, to celebrate Luis Miguel’s 51st birthday, Netflix prepared a warm surprise for all fans of the singer and nobody expected a detail of this magnitude.

Luis Miguel: Netflix and NASA will broadcast 51 continuous hours for El Sol’s birthday

Turns out that Netflix made a synergy with NASA and will transmit 51 continuous hours images of The Sun, in addition, they will be set with music by Luis Miguel performed by Diego Boneta.

The transmission is by name “The Sun of Mexico X The Sun of the World” and in the 51 hours, you will be able to listen to the successes that led Luis Miguel to be one of the most recognized singers in the world.

Without more to say, here we leave you the curious transmission made by Netflix and NASA, all dedicated to Luis Miguel’s 51st birthday:

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