Natalia Jiménez from La Quinta Estación says she is bankrupt

Singer Natalia Jiménez declared bankruptcy and he claims that he only has $ 5.44 in a bank account.

This is what the Spanish singer, who considers herself Mexican, said to a television program.

This statement was made by the singer, after starting his divorce process from Daniel Trueba, who also served as his manager.

Regarding the properties she owns, the celebrity said she owns half a house in Spain, which is valued at $ 890,624.

It also pointed out that has a car, about $ 14,125, Mini Cooper brand, 2016 model.

At this time, according to the interpreter, she is living in a house she rents in Miami, which has two dressing rooms, two nightstands, a closet, a dressing room with a mirror, a sofa, a dining room and 6 chairs with an approximate value of 500 dollars.

Regarding her bank accounts, the former member of La Quinta Estación said she has one, in which she has $ 5.44 and another with $ 2,248.

Why are you bankrupt? As narrated by Natalia Jiménez, his income is close to $ 5,090, while his expenses exceed that amount, so you are bankrupt.

Through her social networks, such as on Instagram, where she has more than 1.4 million followers, the singer has even joked about it. Here we leave you the video.

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