NASA: How to see Perseverance landing on Mars?

The mission Perseverance of the NASA will land on Mars, the Red planet, the Thursday 18th of February and you can follow it live.

Perseverance is the rover plus sophisticated that NASA has sent to the Red Planet. Has the objective of recolect samples of rocks Y sediments before his future return to Earth. Additionally, it is intended that will look for signs of microbial life ancient.

This is the animation of how he is expected to be Perseverance landing to Mars:

Why is Perseverance very important for future missions?

Although there are several initiatives to explore Mars, the mission Perseverance It has aspects that differentiate:

  1. NASA believes that in the middle of a pandemic this mission represents the spirit of challenges that the world lives. For this reason, he wears a plaque that honors the work of doctors and lifeguards.
  2. The rover has instruments capable of detecting organic matter and minerals, as well as the chemical composition of rocks and sediments. These are more details than any Mars rover has ever brought.
  3. The terrain where it will land it has great potential for finding evidence of past microbial life.
  4. Perseverance will help cunderstand weather conditions past of Mars and its geology.
  5. Instead of pulverizing the rock like Curiosity’s drill does, the Perseverance drill will cut intact rock cores. You will then place them in sample tubes that you will store until the rover reaches an appropriate unloading location on Mars. The rover could also deliver the samples to a lander that is part of the Mars sample return campaign.
  6. The team has autonomous driving intelligence, so you will cover more ground in one-day operations with fewer instructions from engineers on Earth.
  7. The Mars 2020 Perseverance mission carry more cameras than any interplanetary mission in history. There are 19 in the vehicle itself and four in other parts of the ship that participate in the entry, descent and landing. Additionally, if all goes well you can see in high definition what it is like to land on Mars Y hear the landing sounds for the first time with a standard microphone attached to the side of the rover.

How to follow LIVE the landing of the mission to Mars?

The Thursday, February 18 can see HERE LIVE at approximately 3:55 pm EST everything will happen on Mars:

In addition, NASA will offer the the agency’s first show in Spanish for a planetary landing. “Juntos perseveramos” is a program that will provide an overview of the mission to Mars and highlight the role that Latino NASA professionals have played in it.

The show will air at 2:30 pm EST on the website of the agency and on social media accounts in Spanish: Twitter, Facebook Y Youtube.

The most specific times to see this show will be:

Thursday 18th February

  • U.S: 11:15 am PT / 2:15 pm ET
  • UK: 7:15 pm
  • South Africa: 9:15 pm
  • Russia: 10:15 p.m. (Moscow)

Friday February 19

  • India: 12:45 am
  • China: 3:15 am
  • Japan: 4:15 am
  • Australia: 6:15 am AEDT

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