Musician shows off guitar made from his uncle’s skeleton

There are musicians who like the eccentric, unique characters who do crazy things in their lifeBoth on stage and on the public highway, some of these events end up as a good anecdote for a book or even an example for future generations.

In the world of rock there is room for everyone, the biggest follies have been performed by great rockers throughout history, such as Ozzy Osbourne, who tells the legend that he bit a bat on stage.

OR Jim Morrison, who showed his noble parts at a concert in Florida and went to jail when he was arrested by the authorities, on the charge of disturbing public order.

Queeeeee! Musician shows off guitar made from his uncle’s skeleton

There are thousands of anecdotes in the world of rock, some bordering on the unreal that seem taken out of a horror book, like that of a heavy metal musician from Tampa (Florida West Coast), named Prince midnight.

This character has overcome any situation that we can imagine, since he decided to pay tribute to his beloved Uncle Filip, who died in Greece more than 20 years ago, using his bones to build the first ever “Skelecaster” electric guitar.

They are reading well, it is not a Fender Stratocaster, but a “Skelecaster” and he even played with the instrument showing it in a video on YouTube.

A video that has gone viral in days

The video has already been seen by more than 200 thousand users, shows the musician wearing a black leather jacket sitting on an amplifier while playing the guitar made from his uncle’s remains.

“The skeleton belonged to my dear uncle Filip, who died in the 90s and, due to a series of events, his remains were repatriated to the United States from Greece and ended up in my possession,” Prince Midnight writes on the channel page.

According to the rocker, his uncle was the person who introduced him to the heavy metal genre, his musical mentor and to honor him, decided that his remains will continue to make music through an instrument.

How does the “Skelecaster” guitar work?

The skeleton serves as a neck that appears to be from a Telecaster, the ribs are noticeable and it is prolonged with part of the vertebral column and the bones of the uncle’s hip, to which he attaches the pads and potentiometers.

Prince Midnight says he ruled out using Filip’s skull because it was damaged, but if it had been in good condition, I would certainly use it as part of the instrument.

The musician ensures that the guitar stays in tune, that all parts are level and a steel bar supports the backbone of the skeleton.

“Uncle Filip RIP (Rock in Perdition)”, the musician placed on his official website.

What do you think of this instrument created by this rocker?

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