Morgan Wallen Announces No Show This Summer After Controversy

Morgan Wallen says he needs “a little more” time to work on himself. The 27-year-old country singer revealed in a handwritten note to fans Tuesday that he will not be playing on any shows this summer.

The news comes two months after Wallen was caught on video using the N word and other inappropriate language. At the time, he issued a written apology and later posted a video apology on Instagram on February 10.

The “Dangerous” singer was indefinitely suspended from his label, Big Loud Records, and dropped from WME amid controversy. Countless radio stations removed Wallen’s music from their playlists, while CMT and the Country Music Association stated that they were in the process of removing his content from all of their platforms. Additionally, the Country Music Awards said they would remove Wallen’s eligibility from their next awards cycle.

Wallen thanked those who supported him in his note Tuesday, before acknowledging the break he has taken from the limelight since the scandal.

“2020 … Man, what a difficult year for many. For me, my difficult year lasted until 2021. I made some mistakes, I am solving them and I apologize because I was very sorry and I have been making my amendment,” he wrote.

“I wanted to let you know that I have taken a couple of months and I feel like I have really worked on myself. I am proud of the work that I have done and in many ways grateful that I had the time to do it,” continued Wallen. “I’ve never needed this time off. I moved to Nashville at age 22. I never gave myself the opportunity to examine the man I became during that time. I can already see a big difference between me, 22 and 27. I am of-years. I hope there is a big difference between the 27-year-old me now and the 32-year-old me one day. “

“I will always strive to be better,” he said. “This time it has not only revealed to me the ways I want to improve, but it has also reminded me that I am still very proud of who I am and the man I am becoming.”

Wallen shared that his time away has been “very valuable”, “but I feel like I need a little more and therefore will not be performing on tour dates this summer.” The singer will also not be performing at festivals or joining Luke Bryan’s tour as scheduled.

See more about the controversy in the video below.


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