Miley Cyrus gave a ‘sneak peek’ of her Super Bowl performance

The NFL promised that despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, the show that will unfold will be worthy of a great event, which is why it chose artists of the stature of Green Day, The Weeknd and MIley Cyrus for all the amenities the Big Game will have.

Miley Cyrus gave a ‘sneak peek’ of her Super Bowl performance

They’re all gearing up to put on a show worthy of a Super Bowl, and it is precisely Miley Cyrus, who already gave a small preview of what she could show in the show she has prepared.

Through their social networks, Miley Cyrus has shown her excitement for being part of the Super Sunday show, Through his official accounts, he posted what appears to be a locker room, scantily clad and his spectacular body.

The NFL takes care of every detail of an artist’s presentation

Her followers supported her, but let’s remember that the NFL is very careful about the show it throws every year, after the unfortunate Janet Jackson show, where she revealed her chest.

The NFL would not risk going through a series of criticisms again for a similar eventSo apparently, Miley’s thing is only to turn on social networks prior to her presentation.

Remember that Miley Cyrus will sing before the start of Super Bowl LV, It is not known what the setlist will be, but it is expected that at least a couple of songs will be performed.

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