Miguel Bosé confesses: I have had “rough sex, drugs”

The controversies of the singer Miguel Bosé are on the rise. And so they were reflected in what he narrated for What about Évole, Jordi Évole’s program.

In an interview Miguel Bosé took up important issues in his life that have been at the top.

But before starting he asked his interviewer:

Take off that mask. But now! I don’t talk to people with a mask “

– Miguel Bosé

And it is that consistent with his position on the pandemic it could not be otherwise. Bosé in recent months chose to deny the presence of the coronavirus. He even admitted that do not use alcohol gel As a precautionary measure. In the same way, he assured that So far this year, no PCR tests have been done to detect coronavirus.

Months later he assured that

The bug exists, I have never said it did not exist, it exists. What is happening right now is that his strength is diminishing. In short, habemus bug ”.

Even so, his comments continue to suggest how he minimizes the severity of COVID-19.

And of course, my vision on the lies of today. My position remains firm and consistent”, He assured.

3 Confessions of Miguel Bosé

Here are 3 of the main phrases around which there will be more depth next Sunday, April 11, at 9:30 p.m. on laSexta.

My voice comes and goes, now I can speak, but I have come to have no voice ”.

For months, Bosé’s health has been in the eye of the world. Rumors about the loss of his voice and the deterioration of his joints when walking abound; to the point that there is talk of a supposed degenerative disease that the artist could be suffering.

I’ve had wild years. Sex to the beast, drugs. And one fine day I woke up and said it’s over ”.

Another issue that he could not stop touching refers to the excesses that have surrounded him at 65. However, he also admitted that seven years ago he decided to turn his life upside down. Started by isolate yourself from the world product of the havoc that these excesses left in his life. However, he believes that it is time to produce projects for your musical career.

My mother did not die of COVID. And that has to stop now“.

This was the answer when Évole told him: “Your mother had COVID.” In this way, he wanted to make it clear that his mother Lucía Bosé did not die in 2020 due to the effects of coronavirus.

Some of these statements are an advance of an equally autobiographical book that the Spanish will launch on the market before closing this 2021.

I tell things that nobody has heard or knows, adventures and anecdotes. Many are a preview of my autobiography that will be published next November. Not many others, I simply gave them to Jordi in exchange for sitting down to listen to them, “wrote the artist on his renewed Instagram.

The singer recently scored an achievement by winning the trial for the filiation of his four children, born from his relationship with the Spanish sculptor Nacho Palau.

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