Michael Strahan confirms closing the gap in his teeth was an April Fools joke

Michael Strahan has not changed one of his most notable features. On Thursday, he took to Instagram to confirm what fans already suspected: that the video he posted Tuesday of him at the dentist closing the gap in his teeth was an April Fool’s Day joke.

In one video, Strahan initially wears a tissue over his mouth and shares how surprised he is that so many people care about the gap in his teeth. Finally she takes off her handkerchief and says it was all an April Fool’s Day joke.

“The gap is here to stay for a while,” he says. “I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, so April Fool’s Day everyone. I had a good time and I feel really bad that I didn’t close it after all I saw, but the gap is here. The gap is here to stay. It’s not going anywhere for a while. My mom likes it, so there you go, for you, mom. “

Tuesday, the Good morning america Co-host shared a video of himself on Instagram closing the gap in his two front teeth. Strahan said in the video while sitting in the dentist’s chair that his fans, friends and business associates told him not to get rid of his gap, but that he wanted to do it himself.

“It will be 50 years in the making,” he snapped.

Later, when he looked at his teeth in the gapless mirror, he could hardly believe it.

“I love it!” he exclaimed with a big smile.

He captioned the video, “I did it. @Smiledesignmanhattan #GoodbyeGap.”

The reaction in his comments was unsurprisingly mixed, with some sad fans that he was thinking about getting rid of one of his distinguishing features. Other fans were convinced it was an April Fool’s Day joke.

“Oh no Michael, that was your trademark,” commented one fan. “Please don’t do it Michael 😢”.

However, others praised him for doing what he wanted to do.

“I love the gap, but you look amazing !!” wrote a fan. “We deserve to make changes, even as we age.”

Strahan has previously spoken about embracing the gap in his teeth. In 2018, he expressed his support for actor Lonnie Chavis, who plays young Randall in We are, after the child star posted a video in response to those who were ridiculing the gap in her teeth.

“@lonniechavis, you are an inspiration my friend! I am proud to shake my gap and your message is exactly right,” Strahan captioned in his forwarding of the Chavis video on Instagram. “Accept your uniqueness and live your life with happiness! What people criticized me before, now they accept as a signature.”

“Nobody is perfect and they really want to be,” he continued. “Life is so much better when you can relax and be who the good Lord made you!”

In 2012, he also spoke with ELLE magazine about a time she changed her mind when it came to closing the gap between her teeth.

“I was at the dentist asking him to make models. I thought about it, man … I was 20 years old,” he recalled. “I was playing with the Giants. There’s a lot of pressure to be perfect. Now you can fix anything. For me, I made a conscious effort to say, ‘This is who I am.’ I’m not perfect. I don’t want to be perfect. At this point , I don’t think my children will recognize me without him. “


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