Michael Keaton confirmed to play Batman in ‘the Flash’

When they announced the DC movie, “The Flash” rumor was released that Michael Keaton could play Batman again in the film, a fact that would make history, since it has been almost three decades without donning the batman suit.

Remember that Michael Keaton dressed as Batman back in 1989, in Tim Burton’s Bat Man film, which generated millions of fans for the comic.

Michael Keaton confirmed to play Batman in ‘the Flash’

Now, the agency of Michael Keaton, ICM Partners, confirmed to The Wrap that the actor will return to play Batman in the new film “The Flash” and it will be a more than remarkable participation.

The superhero movie began filming in London, the director revealed. Andres Muschietti on his Instagram account and the full cast of the film will be announced shortly.

Michael Keaton did not want to participate for fear of COVID-19

For months, Keaton was in talks to go back to being Batman, but his participation was in doubt because he was a little afraid of Covid-19.

“To be honest with you, do you know what concerns me more than anything about all this? It is the Covid. I am more concerned. I’m more attentive to the Covid situation in the UK than anything else, ”he told Deadline.

When will “The Flash” be released in theaters?

Now the premiere of “The Flash”, movie starring Ezra Miller, on November 4, 2022, Although it could change, depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds.

Upon the news of Keaton’s return as the Dark Knight, fans of the two DC comics characters are already reacting on social media and they hope that the performances of both characters do not disappoint.

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