Michael B. Jordan Throws Lavish Valentine’s Day Celebration For Lori Harvey

Michael B. Jordan spares no expense – not even our frail hearts – when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend, Lori Harvey.

The 34-year-old actor surprised Harvey by renting an entire aquarium so the couple could see some sea turtles. But when they entered, the sea scene was decorated with rose petals and candles. The luxurious installation was followed by a romantic dinner for two, right in the aquarium. It doesn’t end there. When Harvey and Jordan returned home, they were greeted by dozens and dozens of roses, candles, and a bubble bath, which Jordan had arranged while on their V-Day date.

The couple have been packing the PDA since they got serious, fast. A source told ET in January that Jordan’s family likes Lori and vice versa. “Lori is everything that Michael’s family could have hoped for him to find. She is adorable, respectful and a perfect fit.”

“Her friends also think that he is great for her. Everyone around her approves of their relationship. Things have gotten serious quickly, but there have been no red flags. They are both fully engaged, committed and very happy,” added the source .

Jordan and Harvey first sparked romance rumors in November, before going public on January 10. Shortly after they posted photos of each other, another source told ET that they have actually been dating for several months, but have been friends for years.

Jordan isn’t the only one who puts his partner on a pedestal. Harvey celebrated Jordan’s birthday earlier this month by sharing photos and videos of the two together on his Instagram Stories.

“It’s my baby’s birthday,” he wrote in one story, tagging it in a video of the two of them smiling. More never-before-seen photos included the two bundled up from the cold, him kissing her neck, the couple smoking poolside, as well as videos of him on a plane and on a boat.

Harvey wrote about the Black Panther star, “My favorite headache, my big baby, my best friend, my sweet stubborn aquarius freak, and the sexiest man in the world.”

The tribute continued throughout the day, with Harvey sharing another series of romantic snapshots in an Instagram post, which he titled: “Happyyy Birthdayyy Nugget 🎂 I love you baby … I hope today was at least half as special as you. 🤍. “

In your feelings yet? Watch the video below to see more about Jordan and Harvey’s relationship.


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