Melenie Carmona, daughter of Alicia Villarreal, denounces sexual abuse

The feminist struggle around the world has been the incentive for many women to report abuse. This Monday, within the framework of International Women’s Day, Melenie Aideé, daughter of singer Alicia Villarreal and actor Arturo Carmona, confessed that in 2016 she suffered sexual abuse by a relative.

Through stories on her Instagram account, Melenie related that a person she considered her brother took advantage of her one night when they were alone at home.

“The only thing I remember was your hand inside my shorts. I was totally paralyzed for a long time, and you just wouldn’t take off. I felt like you were getting closer and closer when I had the courage to stand up and run to the bathroom to lock myself up ”.

After two hours locked in the bathroom, Melanie decided to go out to confront the aggressor, but he was no longer at home.

“I called my parents hysterical, I couldn’t even breathe because I was crying. And you were clever at doing the filthy thing you did when there was no one from the family in town. You made me look stupid, you made me feel lonely for a long time and heartbroken, “added Carmona Villarreal.

Melanie assured that she received support from her mother and her partner Cruz Martínez, who never left her alone. However, the rest of his family downplayed what happened.

“They told me that I had to relax, that nothing was happening, that it happens to all of them, that what a shame that everyone found out what happened to me, that it was not so bad, that what are they going to think of the family,” he said.

Surprised by his daughter’s statements, Arturo Carmona confessed in Melanie’s post that he had barely found out and that he felt deep pain.

“With deep pain today I find out, my love, about this. My soul hurts you haven’t come to me. I understand that you have. Today I reiterate that I am there for you, that you are a brave mop when doing this and that you never forget how valuable you are, that you are not alone, you have me, “said the actor.

Melenie Carmona Villarreal expressed the suffering she endured for five years, during which she did not have the courage to tell her father about her traumatic experience.

“I’m not going to tell you that it was easy, it was too difficult, because I had to talk to my dad, my dad knew absolutely nothing about it, I couldn’t tell him at the time and it took five years to tell him.”

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