Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Talk About Leaving Royal Family in Interview with Oprah Winfrey, Says Royal Expert

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ready to tell their side of the story when it comes to their shocking decision to resign as high-ranking members of the royal family, royal expert Katie Nicholl told ET.

ET spoke to Nicholl on Tuesday, after Meghan, 39, and Harry, 36, shared that they were expecting their second child together and after it was announced that they would be sitting down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey. According to Nicholl, the couple will talk about leaving the royal family, as well as their difficult relationship with their father, Thomas Markle.

“We were told this will be a wide-ranging interview and nothing is forbidden,” Nicholl tells ET about Meghan and Harry’s first interview since their engagement in November 2017. “We were told that Megan will argue.” motherhood, her philanthropic work, what it was like to marry a member of the royal family, and inevitably, they’re going to be talking about what it was like to leave the royal family. I’m sure we’ll see her argue at some point. at least detail his relationship with his father. “

“Of course, the couple will talk about what they are going to do next, and I think there is a lot of desire to talk about the future, but also to reflect on the past and let’s not forget, this is really the It is the first opportunity that has had the couple present their version of events, “he continues. “Their version of history has been exposed by many other voices, but not theirs; this, they have told me, is their moment to tell the truth in their own words.”

Nicholl says that since the couple no longer work for the royal family, they are not required to run anything beyond the Palace and have their own team of professional advisers. Still, according to the royal expert, they still take Harry’s family into account, particularly Queen Elizabeth.

“The couple really want this to be an interview where they can sit down and tell their side of the story,” says Nicholl. “This is their first chance to sit down and talk about the past year in their own words. I have been told that the intention is not to hurt or upset anyone from the royal family. They want to be respectful, especially to the queen, and don’t forget that This interview will take place a few weeks before the Queen’s 95th birthday and just before the celebrations for Prince Philip’s 100th birthday. “

“Of course, until the interview is broadcast, we don’t know how the royal family is going to receive it, but I think the fact that they are doing this interview … yes, it will sound the alarms in the Palace,” she adds . “Historically, the interviews that royals have given have only backfired. Of course, Meghan and Harry will hope this is a success for them, but there is a lot of talk that now that we are getting to that anniversary of their departure. Britain, the final breakdown of the divorce will take place. It is speculated that Harry and Meghan will lose their official royal patronages as they embark on a life completely independent from the royal family. “

As for why they chose Winfrey to host the reunion, he says the media mogul, who attended his royal wedding at Windsor Castle in 2018, was always the favorite. The highly anticipated CBS special, Oprah with Meghan and Harry: a CBS primetime special, will air on March 7.

“She is a close friend of theirs and a neighbor, has gotten to know the couple and Megan’s mother Doria very well over the years and has really become part of Sussex’s inner sanctuary, someone to whom they trust “. Nicholl says. “She is someone from their inner circle, and clearly Meghan and Harry are comfortable sitting with Oprah in this no-holds-barred interview.”

On Tuesday, Winfrey’s best friend Gayle King commented on the upcoming 90-minute special.

“I know you’ve been working on the questions all weekend,” she said of Winfrey in CBS this morning. “I’ve been told that nothing is off limits, nothing is off limits. She can ask for whatever she wants.”

In the meantime, to learn more about the exciting news about Meghan and Harry’s pregnancy, and the subtle way they paid tribute to their mother, the late Princess Diana, watch the video below.


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