Meet Warren Snipe, the man who will perform the anthem in sign language at the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the most important sports and entertainment events of the year and inclusion is a fundamental part of this massive event, so we tell you all about the man who will interpret the anthem of the United States in American Sign Language (ASL ). Is about Warren snipe, also known as “Wawa”, who has a hearing impairment and will be in charge of interpreting the hymn, in charge of Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church, as well as “America the Beautiful”, who will sing HER.

According to Snipe, it was always his dream to perform at the Super Bowl and he has indicated feeling honored and grateful to be able to perform these songs, in addition, he said he would love to be able to perform at halftime.

According to “Wawa”, he has been rehearsing together with Jazmine Sullivan, Eric Church and HER as he explained that when performing in ASL it is usually done together with the tenor and with the rhythm of the singers.

Warren Snipe explains why ASL is important in the Super Bowl

Since 1992 an ASL interpreter has been included in halftime shows, something that Snipe considers important so that everyone has access to the shows.

Hearing impaired people need access to these iconic songs, just like anyone else. For those without hearing impairments, try to watch TV without sound or subtitles and you will experience inaccessibility, ”Snipe said in an interview to the site. WSGW.

Warren Snipe has been performing on various stages for years. In the 90’s he carried out an audio and video mix called “Dip HopWhich he described as “Hip Hop through the eyes of a hearing impaired person.”

In 2016, Warren, who is now 50 years old and a football enthusiast, released “Deaf: So What ?!“And recently released his third album”Black lightning“.

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