Meet the Star Wars watch valued at more than 150 thousand dollars

The Star Wars saga has placed various items and souvenirs at the top of collectors, there are some that reach hundreds of thousands of dollars and others that are in the process of being valuable objects.

There are thousands of items for sale, from action figures worth hundreds of dollars, even Han Solo’s sabers or pistol that could be valued at a million dollars, everything is collectible when it comes to Star Wars.

Meet the Star Wars watch valued at more than 150 thousand dollars

Now, a firm decided to release a unique item, Star Wars x Kross Studio Ultimate Collector Set, an innovative watch devised by a Swiss design studio that has fallen in love with Lucasfilm, the brand that carries all Star Wars products and now has it as official merchandise.

From the packaging, The watch looks exclusive and this is a product that any fan of the Star Wars saga would like to own, so if you have savings in your bank account, this is a great opportunity.

A model with genuine Rogue One parts

This product has a one meter replica of a container of Kyber crystals, which contains real parts used in Rogue One, in whose capsules are both the watch itself and interchangeable straps.

The watch has a Death Star-shaped tourbillon It is capable of rotating 360 degrees every 60 seconds, a feat of engineering that has required more than 300,000 lines of code and hundreds of hours to operate with maximum precision.

Every detail of the piece is taken care of in detail, even the most exquisite watch collector could consider this model in their collection.

There are messages in Aurebesh on this Star Wars model

This model also has messages in Aurebesh, a writing system used to transliterate Galactic Basic, one of the most common languages ​​in the galaxy.

To the bad fortune of all the fans, There will only be 10 units for sale with a price of no less than 150 thousand dollars, a real fortune for a piece from this brand, but worth it for its limited edition.

Would you buy this Star Wars model?

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