Meet the Latino engineer who quit his job to dedicate himself to OnlyFans and earn 5 times more

In recent days the news has circulated of a Young Latino who quit his job as an engineer to dedicate himself to OnlyFans and now earns 5 times more.

Is about Diego Rivano, originally from Chile, what’s wrong with it 28 years and he quit his job at a bank to focus on his profile on OnlyFans, a platform where, in exchange for a monetary subscription, people can view different content, such as photos and videos in scantily-clad clothes or nudity.

In social networks, the young man is found as Diego Alexander And on platforms such as Instagram, it shows their exercise routines, as well as their day-to-day outings.

According to Diego, he started his account at the end of 2019Well, when working in a bank, he noticed that there were people with a physique similar to his who earned much more money through OnlyFans.

I studied commercial engineering for 5 years, which is a career similar to Business Administration in the United States. Then I spent a year studying English in Australia and did a Marketing Diploma in Chile.

I worked for 5 years in banks, a state bank and a private one. After making an analysis of my life and of various things, of a subject such as introspection, I said I prefer to do something that rents me much more money than what I am doing now in my work, ”Diego Alexander told La Noticia.

Diego narrates that, since approximately 2013, he began to manage his social networks and on platforms such as Instagram he had achieved more than 90 thousand followers, so, with a solid base of followers, he decided to open his OnlyFans.

Currently on this platform, which mostly has adult content, has about 1,300 monthly subscribers, while on Instagram it has more than 102 thousand followers and on Twitter more than 13 thousand followers.

Diego points out that having studied commercial engineering and marketing has allowed him to understand OnlyFans as a business.

Finally, it is a company, you have certain costs to cover and you have to save money for when you possibly go wrong because, like any business, there are good and bad moments. Now I could tell you that I am experiencing a peak of the business, ”said Diego.

The secret of the Latino who left his job as an engineer to open his OnlyFans

For Diego it was surprising that different media began to talk about his story, however, he has a theory of what happened:

I think what caught my eye was the story behind me.

There were a lot of people who were in the porn industry before, but this story was about the engineer who went to college, who had a graduate degree and decided to get out of his typical bank office job and do it.

Regarding its content, Diego describes it as what people could find on any pornographic site.

Platforms like OnlyFans have become more and more popular, however, not everything is positive on these sites, as there are several points that are not simple and which are not always talked about.

Technically anyone can open their OnlyFans account, but the difference is if you have a chance of being successful or not, and it influences whether one is willing to be under that exposure and also to receive positive and negative comments.

It has to be people who have something to sell, from the sexual sense, to be in the porn industry and who are willing to be exposed, “he said.

For Diego, having a good management of his social networks and having a good base of followers has been essential, which has allowed him to earn between 5 and 6 times more than he earned in his previous job.

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