Meet Koji and Gustav, Lady Gaga’s kidnapped dogs

The news of the theft of Lady Gaga’s pets has gone around the world and the singer has already offered half a million dollars in reward for her kidnapped dogs, so we tell you how they are Koji and Gustav.

The incident occurred when the dog walker was walking them through West Hollywood and armed men approached him with weapons to take the dogs.

As a result, the walker was wounded by a bullet Y two of Lady Gaga’s dogs were kidnapped, while a third managed to escape and was rescued by the police.

The dogs are called Koji, Gustav and Asia And they are the adoration of the singer, because she constantly shares images of them and even accompany her in the most important moments.

Asia She is the dog who managed to escape the robbery and she is completely black.

Koji It is a brown color and has white spots on both its tail and its legs, and the color of its snout is a little darker.

According to Gaga’s posts, Koji is about 6 years old, because 4 years ago he celebrated with a photo the second anniversary of his puppy.

For its part, Gustav he is white, with a black spot on his left eye, on his ears and on his nose.

Gustav He is the youngest of Lady Gaga’s dogs, as he was the last to join the herd or the “Joanne Family”, as the singer has called them.

Remember that if you know something about Lady Gaga’s kidnapped dogs, you can give the information through the mail [email protected]

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