Matthew Morrison is expecting second baby with wife Renee

Matthew Morrison is going to be the father of two children! The 42 year old Joy The student is expecting his second child with his wife, Renee, he announced on Instagram.

The couple, who married in 2014, are already the parents of a 3-year-old son, Revel.

In his post, Morrison wrote that “after 3 miscarriages, a pandemic and the loss of many loved ones … Renee, Revel and I are delighted to bring a little joy to the world.”

“Patience, reflection and introspection are some of the many tools we have learned this year. And we are excited to bring those tools to our parenting,” he added. “Can’t wait to meet our little baby / girl? Who knows! We are looking forward to the big day to greet the one who will change our family once again!”

The actor shared the news alongside an artwork commissioned by Marco Santini, who, Morrison wrote, “took our ultrasound and activated it with our words of affirmation, love and intention.”

Renee shared the same post, writing that she is “in awe of what it’s like to create life.”

“I am surrendered beyond surrender. I feel deeper than I have ever felt; happiness, passion, power that flows through me and channels me directly to you. Little one,” she wrote in part. “Thank you for your time. Thank you for being with me, comforting me with your ever-present spirit for some time. Letting me know that you were on your way. On time. Gratitude has a whole new meaning. You are the essence.” of Magic and Miracles dear “.

When ET spoke to Morrison in 2019, he said his son “inspired me for so many things,” adding that he has felt “much more passionate about things” since he became a father.

A year earlier, he opened up to ET about the joys of parenthood.

“I heard this quote the other day about how it feels like your heart is outside of your body and it really is true,” he said. “I have never known this kind of love. It is a beautiful, euphoric, just amazing feeling that I am happy. I am happy that my son chose me.”


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