Matthew McConaughey defeats Greg Abbott in Texas gubernatorial poll

The popularity of the actor Matthew McConaughey is bearing fruit and is that a recent poll ranks him above Greg Abbott for governor of Texas.

It was in March of this year that, Matthew McConaughey, 51-year-old actor and Oscar winner, said he was considering running for governor of Texas, during a podcast.

In addition, the actor of Interstellar He said that thinking about a political career would depend more on what people wanted and everything indicates that they do want him in the position.

A recent poll published by the University of Texas at Tyler and The Dallas Morning News positions McConaughey above Abbott.

McConaughey has a dominant advantage with 45% of respondents saying they would vote for him, vs. 33% of people who chose Abbott, while the remaining 22% indicated that they would vote for someone else.

The poll was conducted April 6-13 of 1,126 registered voters in Texas., with a margin of error of 2.92%.

Matthew McConaughey gets a huge boost from the tremendous recognition of his name and what he has done to help Texans and contribute to the celebration of the state’s successes, ‚ÄĚnoted the University of Texas at Tyler.

Although the overall numbers look good for the actor, should he decide to run for governor of Texas, everything seems to indicate that it will depend on his policies.

Of Republicans surveyed, 56% said they would vote for Abbott, compared to 30% for McConaughey. On the other hand, Democrats were 66% in favor of the actor.

We’ll see if this poll causes Matthew McConaughey to consider his run for governor of Texas and come up against Greg Abbott.

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