‘Married to Medicine’: Toya and Anila react to Heavenly and Contessa’s ‘unwise’ dig (exclusive)

What better place to gossip than at a glam shoot? That’s where we pick up with Kari Wells, Toya Bush-Harris and Anila Sajja in ET’s exclusive sneak peek of the new Sunday episode of Married to medicine. The cast meet outside of Washington, DC, in a Bethesda, Maryland home while they’re in town for marches and some R&R. Toya and Anila are getting glamorous for laying by the pool, when Kari walks in to tell them about a conversation she just had with Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe.

“So this morning Contessa and Heavenly were very nice to me, so they said, ‘We want to steal from you …'”, confesses Kari. “They say, ‘You’re the smart one, we want you on our side.’

Anila let out a “wow”, then a “whoa” – well, more like a whoa-oh-oh! – as Toya’s jaw opens wide.

“Wait, so basically, is that side the smart one?” Toya asks. She shares more of her reaction to the comment in a confessional, saying, “At this point, I’m a bit above Contessa and Heavenly. Really? What the hell does that mean? The ‘smart side’?”

“It all comes down to us not having a medical degree,” Kari surmises. “We have a Mrs. MD, and it is not the same with her MD”

“So we are not smart?” Toya asks once more.

“Yes, because we are not doctors,” Kari replies.

See it all here:

After the initial shock to the excavation wears off, Anila says, “Anyone can be a dentist! Shit, I’m just saying I could have done that,” an obvious opportunity for Heavenly.

“That’s high school,” says Toya.

When ET spoke to Heavenly before the season premiere, she expressed her feelings about the three women: She is a fan of Kari and Anila, but not Toya.

“I think Toya, I’m going to tell you this in the best way I can, she needs something to do,” Heavenly said. “Something else to do. I mean, her kids are in school, so we can’t say she’s a stay-at-home mom. She needs something to do, something to make her life feel more fulfilling. That’s my thinking about Toya., really, because she is very critical of people who are doing much more than her, so she needs to do something so that she even has an idea of ​​what it takes to run a business, a family, her life , his home. Do your shit first and then get out. ”

“Kari teases me too, but I like Kari for some reason,” he continued. “I like her. She’s funny, she’s funny, I don’t know if she’ll say the same about me, but what really touched my heart with Kari was during the Black Lives Matter movement. She went above and beyond, and I don’t care what anyone says: a white woman is needed in our movement. That helps our movement. We need everyone, and what I saw was everyone, of all nationalities, of all races, of all, of all genders. You know what, the lives of black people do matter and this is something that is wrong, and Kari was on the front line, so I will always respect her for that. “

And as for Anila’s dentist crack, Heavenly admitted those comments don’t affect her.

“I’m happy with my position as a dentist, it doesn’t bother me,” Heavenly offered. “When you do an excavation in [anyone else on this cast]They hurt forever, and I don’t do anything deeper than my opinion, but then they do. “

Married to medicine airs Sundays at 9 pm ET / PT on Bravo.


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