Malcolm & Marie: What is it about and is it worth it?

You’ve surely heard about Malcolm & Marie and is that the new Netflix movie It has given a lot to talk about, so we tell you what it is about and if it is worth it.

The movie, written and directed by Sam Levinson (Euphoria, Another happy day), follows the love story between a filmmaker and his girlfriend.

After celebrating a movie premiere, an unexpected afternoon begins as the secrets of their relationship surface and their love is put to the test.

The film stars Zendaya (Euphoria) and John David Washington (The KKKlan and Tenet infiltrator) and was filmed completely in black and white.

According to Levinson, filming in black and white allows us to put a layer of abstraction and not fall into realism.

Where and when to see it? The tape is now available on the Netflix streaming platform.

The film, which lasts one hour and 46 minutes, was made in secret and in just two weeks, during confinement by the pandemic.

Some critics have said they notice inconsistencies in the script, which has generated a polarized reaction among audiences who like it and those who criticize the film’s weaknesses.

In places like Rotten tomatoes They only have 58% approval from the critics, although the public has rated it with 76% approval.

On this site, specialized in film reviews, it is stated that: “Movie ambitions aren’t always fulfilled, but the flaws are compensated by the strong chemistry that exists between the actors ”.

So,worth seeing? We believe that, just because of the controversy it has generated, yes. Furthermore, it has been noted that Zendaya’s performance stands out.

We leave you the trailer for Malcolm & Marie so you can see a little more what it is about and judge for yourself if it is worth seeing.

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