Maite Perroni’s casting revealed; auditioned to be a Marvel character

Maite Perroni is one of the actresses who has made her way into the complicated world of cinema, which does not please all those who try to be among the cream of the crop.

But the constant and quality work that he has shown Maite Perroni has placed it in the eye of various production companies, which could work various roles for the personality of the Mexican actress.

That’s how it is, Maite Perroni is in a great moment of her career, Well, in recent times he has been the protagonist of several series and apparently, now his career points to Hollywood.

They reveal the casting of Maite Perroni where she auditioned to be a Marvel character

Gone was the RBD character that put Perroni in the eye of some series, now, look for an opportunity in the Hollywood cinema, more specific in the superhero genre.

How do we know? Well it turns out that recently A casting that Maite Perroni did for a character from the Marvel Universe was leaked, role she was looking for to boost her career.

What is the film and role for which Maite Perroni did a casting?

In the video that was leaked on social networks you can see Perroni, 38, testing for the Marvel movie ‘Plasma’.

This movie is based on the comic by Plasma, a mutant who first appeared in comics in 1989 and last in 1991. The story is based on the life of an archaeologist who is captured by an Egyptian sect and has the power to absorb the energy of others.

Nevertheless, Maite Perroni did not audition for the main role, but to play Dr. Elena López, who is an expert on mutations in the Marvel Universe.

Although it is not known if Maite Perroni kept the paper, we will find out in a few monthsFor now, here is the casting of the former RBD:

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