Lupita D’Alessio’s granddaughter debuts in online concert, meet Sarita

To cheer people up and offer them a moment of distraction, the Mexican singer Lupita D’Alessio offered an online concert, but, in addition to her voice, something that surprised was the presentation of his granddaughter Sarita D’Alessio, who debuted during the virtual show.

And it is that after interpreting a couple of songs, the star known as La Leona Dormida introduced her granddaughter and said that she wanted everyone to know that it was she who discovered her so that no one else would take this attribution.

My children have always been involved in my music, they have always been on the tracks, in the front row, on stage singing with me.

Ernesto said to me ‘Mom, will you let me sing with you at this online concert? and I replied ‘I would love to, baby, because I’m your fan, but give me canche to sing with your daughter’, because she is a very talented girl and, incidentally, I discovered her so that no one puts on the coat. It is an honor for me to sing with Sarita D’Alessio ”, said the singer when introducing her granddaughter.

For her granddaughter’s debut, Lupita D’Alessio chose a very special theme: “My Heart is a Gypsy”, detail with which the singer gave her blessing to her granddaughter and that is the same that the interpreter sang at the beginning of her artistic career.

Sarita D'Alessio

Sarita D'Alessio

The La Leona Dormida concert began at 9:00 p.m. and performed songs such as “As it is called?“,”Make me forget it“,”Here I am“,”It’s a danger“, Do not ask with whom” Y “I’m sorry my love“, among other.

Who is Sarita D’Alessio? In addition to being Lupita’s granddaughter, she is Ernesto’s daughter and is currently 13 years old.

In social networks like Instagram, Sara Maria D’Alessio it already has more than 56 thousand followers.

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