Luisito Comunica’s phones are stolen and he denounces American Airlines

This morning, Luisito Comunica shared with his followers on Instagram a trip that he made and that, during his stopover in Texas, he realized that two phones had been stolen, so pointed out as those responsible to American Airlines.

It was through the stories on this platform, where he has more than 23 million followers, that he told what happened.

According to the influencer and businessman, he decided to document two telephones, in case he lost one, not remain incommunicado and have another as a spare, but his surprise was that they opened his suitcase and stole the two telephones he carried.

It’s ugly, it’s a bit funny, I understand, I won’t judge you if you laugh, but I was robbed at the airport, in Mexico, I’m almost sure.

I told them that I was going to bring several telephones, in case they robbed me, so as not to be left without communication. I had kept them in this bag, well what do you think, they are not there and worse, they left me this phone.

The 29-year-old youtuber also narrated that the person who opened his suitcase left him another cell phone, something that caused him amusement.

Luisito Comunica points out American Airlines as responsible for the theft of their phones

But, despite the laughter, Luisito Comunica issued a strong criticism of American Airlines and a harsh message to the person who stole his phones.

That the airport thief threw me his old phone or one he had there, tremendous son of a s *** a, cunning. I feel like I was stolen by the teacher from the Casa de Papel.

A bit my fault for documenting phones, but it’s not your fault, it’s the thief’s fault. It would be nice to be able to trust the airlines and know that your phones are not going to be stolen. It was American Airlines at the Mexico City airport. I’m going to point them out directly, because I know it was there.

Through the videos, Luisito Communicates He showed the way in which the bag containing the phones was opened, which they tore open and asked the American Airlines workers to point out the person who could be responsible for the theft.

For the thief, who is possibly watching this, I have two messages, one: fuck your mother, thief, disgusting thief, I hope you have a fatal month, I wish you with all my heart and number 2 you got a laugh from me. It is a funny story that they rob you and leave you a phone.

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