Luis Miguel would not have paid his children’s pension for a year

The ex-partner of Luis Miguel, Aracely Arambula, I would not have received money from your children’s pension for a year; This was announced by the legal representative of the actress.

According to the legal representative of the actress, who was interviewed by the Ventaneando program, the singer has not contributed to the maintenance of his children for a long time.

“Beyond telling you how long this inconsistency may exist in the fulfillment of obligations, indeed what I can confirm, and that is already known since the end of 2019, beginning of 2020, is that Mrs. Arámbula takes over completely of the expenses that are caused for all the activities of their children ”, he commented.

This includes the truck that Araceli drives, which was to be provided by Luis Miguel, but never delivered.

The truck that Mrs. Arámbula drives was bought with her own resources, absolutely no one else gave it to her. If that was part of the commitment, what I can tell you is that, as of today, at least it has not been fulfilled.

Aracely Arámbula would appear in Luis Miguel's series
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However, he assured that Luis Miguel’s lawyer has prevented communication with the artist, so he is not sure if he is aware of the debt or if he has really ignored the issue.

The filter to achieve communication with Mr. Gallego is his lawyer, Mr. Heredia, it has not been possible to cross this barrier, so it is not absolutely certain whether there is indeed a refusal or he simply does not find out or omits it ”.

They do not know why Luis Miguel has not paid child support

Further said not knowing the reason for which the famous interpreter does not give the money for the maintenance of his children.

For at least today and all of the previous year, one hundred percent expenses have been covered by Mrs. Arámbula. I do not know the argument, simply the talks are held with the lawyer and his response is “there is no way to pay at this time.”

And it is that according to Araceli Arámbula, since 2015 Luis Miguel have not had contact with their children. But the singer had promised to pay the maintenance debt he had. However, since the end of 2019 it stopped providing it.

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