Luis Miguel the Series season 2 already has a date, see the details

How do you say! Through a short video posted on the streaming platform’s social networks, Netflix announced that Luis Miguel the Series season 2 already has a release date.

In the video posted on Facebok, which lasts 40 seconds, you can see the sun (yes, the star and not the musician) generating an eclipse.

In the quick little video It is suggested that this second season will explore more scandals and an even darker side of Luis Miguel, because you can read the legend:

The brighter the sun, the darker the shadows.

So far, only the announcement has been made, so many more details need to be released. However, it is known that second season of Luis Miguel the Series will have 8 episodes, which, as in its first season, will be released every Sunday.

According to the company, the premiere will not only be in Mexico, but on a global level and will explore the difficulties faced by Luis Miguel to balance his family and professional life.

It will have two timelines and the participation of Diego Boneta, Camila Sodi, Juanpa Zurita and C├ęsar Santana.

In this second season Macarena Achaga, Fernando Guallar, Pablo Cruz Guerrero, Juan Ignacio Cane, Teresa Ruiz, Valery Sais and Axel Llunas join.

Here we leave you the video with which Netflix announced the date of Luis Miguel, The Series, season 2, which will come to Netflix April 18.

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