Ludwika and Dominika Paleta fell in love with this photo in networks

Actresses Ludwika and Dominika Paleta fell in love with their followers on social networks with a photo on Instagram, where they both look happy, but also identical.

Through her account, where she has more than 2.8 million followers, Ludwika Paleta shared an image with her sister, where they are hugged and quickly generated more than 118 thousand likes.

Life (well … and my parents) gave me a sister. And together we are invincible. I love you, manu ”, Ludwika wrote to Dominika Paleta.

In the same publication, her sister told her that she loves her very much. In addition, Dominika spoke about the evident resemblance between the two, after Ludwika shared in her stories that many people thought they were the same person, but that they are really only sisters.

We are two and no, we are not twins and yes, we both act and follow us both because soon there will be surprises together ”, Dominika Paleta said about a possible project.

Also, the actresses received positive messages from other celebrities like Marcela guirado Y Liz gallardo.

Ludwika Paleta, originally from Poland, is 42 years old and has participated in projects such as Carousel, Mother there are only two, Maria, the one from the neighborhood Y Friends and rivals.

For her part, Dominika Paleta, who is also originally from Poland, is 48 years old and has participated in Tomorrow is Forever, The Usurper, Triumph of Love Y Intrusive, among others.

Here we leave you the photo that the Paleta sisters shared and in which they look identical.

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