Lucero wants to return to telenovelas, but with this condition

The Mexican actress and singer Lucero said that she does want to return to telenovelas, but with one condition.

Through his YouTube channel, which is called Lucero Much to Tell, the Mexican star talked about Helena, one of her characters in the telenovela For her I’m eva and explained what she needs to return to television as an actress.

When they ask me a lot if I am going to do a soap opera again, I answer that I would love it, because I love soap operas, they are part of my career, of these 40 uninterrupted years that I have of an artistic career, but I need a story that catches me, a story that makes me fall in love ”, the artist began by explaining.

According to Lucero, telenovelas are a passion for her and something she really enjoys doing, so she would like a character that she feels comfortable with and excited to do every day.

That I read a synopsis, some scripts, a script and that I say this is a melodrama that I want to do, it is a character where I see myself reflected, where I feel that there are nuances to be able to work with them, transmit to the public and go beyond the screen ” , he emphasized.

However, America’s girlfriend said she is in no rush to return to television, be it on a soap opera or on a series or other project.

I feel that everything that happens comes at the perfect time and it is perfect and a great soap opera, a great melodrama or a great story will arrive.

I don’t know if it’s for a series where I can feel fulfilled as an actress.

Throughout his 40 years as an artist, Lucero has participated in 10 telenovelas, including I am your master, Tomorrow is Forever, Bonds of love Y Dawn, among other.

Here we leave you the complete video in which bright Star explained what you need to get back to soap operas.

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