Lucero lived days of terror when she gave her coronavirus and infected her daughter Lucero Mijares

The singer Lucero shared with her fans that she was very scared when she found out that she gave her coronavirus and infected her daughter Lucero Mijares.

The Mexican interpreter told the story in her YouTube channel Lucero Much to Tell and reflected on the disease and noted that she took all precautions.

I have tried to take precautions, all the things that we know and that we have been learning, but unfortunately there are still people who do not use the mask as they should use it, they are probably less empathetic.

For many months I have limited my outings, I do not celebrate, I do not live with a large number of people and not because I do not want to, of course I want to, I really want to (…) but I try to be sensible, I have tried all these months to take care of myself very much ” , said the singer.

The actress also pointed out that she did not want to get infected and that she wanted to continue without being infected by coronavirus. He also stressed that it was not during the presentations he made at the end of last year.

Lucero feels sorry for having infected her daughter with Mijares with coronavirus

It can happen to all of us, we are all vulnerable and we really do not know how we are going to handle it, how it is going to go to each person who can get infected. I think it is very important to continue taking care of each other and not letting our guard down.

I am not one of the people who think, how good it already gave me, in no way, I would have preferred that I had not been infected, I would have preferred never to go through this contagion.

Although she passed the disease with mild symptoms, Lucero was honest and vulnerable and emphasized that she was very afraid, because she did not know how her body was going to react to the coronavirus and because she infected her daughter Lucero Mijares.

The truth is that you feel very scared and you don’t know what will happen. Fortunately, I was able to get immediate attention from doctors who are experts on the subject.

I was very sad that I infected my daughter, Lucero, but she reacted very well, in all aspects, and I mean that her health was very good.

bright Star She emphasized that both she and her daughter Lucero Mijares are fine, after catching coronavirus and that they have evolved properly after the disease and asked her fans to continue taking care of themselves.

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