Louis Tomlinson reappears with long hair and fans go crazy

Singer Louis Tomlinson, 29, reappeared with a new look, showing off his long hair and his fans going wild.

And it is that, recently, the also British composer was seen at an airport in Mexico, where he greeted his fans and showed his long hair.

Through social networks, the videos began to circulate, where the young man greeted his fans.

Tomlinson, performer of songs like Two of Us, Walls and Just hold on He wore a shirt, sneakers, was accompanied by his guitar, a mask and a cap that did not prevent his long hair from showing.

It was not detailed in which airport the singer was found, however on Twitter they assured that it was the one in Mexico City.

In addition, other users claimed to have seen Louis Tomlinson with everything and his long hair in Tulum where it is speculated that the former One Direction member came to record a new documentary about his life and career.

Likewise, the fans assured that this It is the first photograph of Louis Tomlinson at the age of 29.

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