Lizzo updates fans on how he’s been going since joining Chris Evans’ DMs

Lizzo is giving fans an update after drunk slipping into Chris Evans’ DMs earlier this month. The 32-year-old “Good as Hell” singer took to TikTok over the weekend, where she quickly shared a screenshot of herself and the Captain America the star’s posts before jokingly saying, “So, let’s see what your pause game is like, motherfuckers.”

In addition to the DMs that Lizzo had already shared, she also included another little excerpt, writing to Evans, “Well … they say you miss 100% of the takes that you never take (and even though I don’t send them off as an idiot). I’m glad you know that I exist now. “

“Of course I am! I’m a fan! Keep up the great work! Xxx,” Evans replied. Fainting!

The adorable exchange started when the GRAMMY winner shared a hilarious TikTok earlier this month, writing, “Don’t drink and DM, kids … for legal porpoises, this is a joke.”

Using an audio clip from TikTok star Tatayanna Mitchell, Lizzo articulates the words: “The reason I’m upset about this one is because I know I’m not going to be able to marry him and honestly it hurts to the core because damn Whatever. Dad, he’s a rare breed, beyond compare. Like Chris … “

In the clip, Lizzo shows the DM she sent to the 39-year-old Marvel actor, which features a gust of wind, a female basketball player, and a basketball emoji. Fans have interpreted this as Lizzo declaring that she is shooting with the Hollywood heartthrob.

To make matters even better, Evans responded to the DM and subsequent TikTok, and Lizzo shared her hilarious response in a second video.

“There is no shame in a drunk DM,” Evans wrote with a kissing face emoji. “God knows I’ve done worse in this app hahaha,” he added with an emoji on the palm of his face.

The Knives out The star could be referencing when he accidentally leaked a nude photo of his manhood on his Instagram story last September.


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