Listen to Laura León’s ‘strange’ cover of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’

Laura León is an expert in creating beautiful songs, those that open a track at any party, that is why he has collaborated with different artists such as Silverio or Julieta Venegas and now, “Tesorito” has once again surprised its fans with a curious cover.

Listen to Laura León’s ‘strange’ cover of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’

That’s how it is, Laura Leon surprised his fans with a collaboration with the group Tropikal Forever, although what caused admiration is that it is a success that made popular Madonna in the 80’s.

The Mexican singer intoned in Spanish Madonna’s “Material Girl”, although it does not respect the lyrics of the song or the rhythm of the success of the queen of pop.

Remember that Laura León participated in the projects “Premio Mayor” and “Dos mujeres un camino”. After her stint as an actress, she decided to launch herself as a singer and has collected a handful of hits.

Not only did he change the lyrics and music of Madonna’s success

In addition to not respecting the lyrics and music, the name was also changed and it is called “In matters of love”.

After the launch of this new version of the iconic Madonna song, Social network users showed their support for the Mexican singer with messages and reactions, as she is “strange”, but is to the liking of her fans.

Laura León thanked all her fans for the displays of affection

Before the show of affection, heThe interpreter of emblematic songs such as “Suavecito” or “Abusadora” thanked his fans for their support they have given the new musical material, with which it is repositioned in the public’s taste.

“I will never have how to pay them so much love and support for my new songs” Life is one “,” The owner of the night “and @tropikalforever’s song” In matters of love “, which they invited me to record. God bless you always. And we are going to enjoy this life that is beautiful, treasures ”, wrote the“ Little Treasure ”on social networks.

Without more to say, here we leave you “Material Girl” in Laura León’s version, enjoy “Tesoritos”: