Listen to ‘Echoing’, part of their new studio album

The music industry has been severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemicWithout presentations, delays in premieres and without an encouraging outlook, some artists have had to fight and inspire to return to the studio.

We are far from the time when a premiere by any group was highly anticipated, in times of COVID-19 health comes first, but That doesn’t stop some bands from re-recording and also going back to their roots, like Kings Of Leon.

Kings Of Leon: Listen to the new song ‘Echoing’, part of their new album

So is, the Nashville band had already hinted earlier in the year that they were recording new material, which could be released this year and we believe that it will, since they released a new single with the sound that characterized them years ago.

Now, Kings Of Leon is not committed to melodic and catchy pop, but to the southern rock that they loved so much and that is reflected in “Echoing”, his new song which is the opening of his next big production.

What’s the name of the new Kings Of Leon album?

The new album is called “When You See Yourself”, and apparently they return to that classic sound for which we fell in love with this band at the beginning of the new millennium and that will surely bring back many memories.

There are no big chords or improvisations in this song, it is simple, catchy, functional and it reminds us of the best moments of the band, so we do not doubt that it will soon become a classic.

When does ‘When You See Yourself’ premiere?

The voice of Caleb Followill looks better than ever, sing melancholic phrases ideal to the situation that we are currently living with the Pandemic.

The full album will be released on March 3 across different platforms and Kings Of Leon fans will surely be ready to hear the new material.

Who are Kings Of Leon?

Kings of leon is a band formed in Nashville, Tennessee in early 1999 and it is made up of a pure family, since Caleb Followill, Jared Followill, Matthew Followill and Nathan Followill are the members.

They have eight studio albums, they were part of the rock wave that prospered the most at the beginning of this new millennium and has hits of the stature of Molly’s Chamber, California Waiting and Wasted Time.

“When You See Yourself”, Kings of Leon’s eighth studio album will be available on March 5, but while that date arrives, let’s listen to the new song “Echoing”:

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