‘Legacies’ EP Brett Matthews Teases Hope, Josie & Lizzie’s Personal Travels In Season 3 (Exclusive)

Warning: If you haven’t seen Thursday’s Season 3 premiere of Legacies, please do not proceed. Spoilers ahead!

It is going to be a year of personal growth for many students at Salvatore School. With the aftermath of Dark Josie still looming in the air, the Legacies The season 3 premiere brought with it a lot of revelations about how difficult life will be for our main characters.

The premiere episode, titled “We Are Not Worthy”, saw Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) finally awake after saving Josie (Kaylee bryant) of his dark magic, but there is still much harm to combat. To land (Aria shahghasemi) returned to his body after wanting to sacrifice himself so that the Necromancer (Ben geurens) didn’t get any stronger, and Josie decided she needed to take time out of school and stay with her mother, Caroline (Candice king).

So what awaits these and more characters when Season 3 begins? As executive producer Brett matthews tells ET, the new episodes will focus on Hope and Landon’s relationship and the trials and tribulations that come with fighting evil as a couple. LizzieJenny boyd) and Josie’s relationship will also be put to the test, as the two reflect on their needs and desires as sisters. And expect to see a “big play” from the Necromancer that will shake things up for everyone.

ET: We see Hope waking up at the end of the episode. Are there any consequences for saving Josie from her black magic?

Brett Matthews: I think that the end of the episode brings with it the return of Hope Mikaelson and that there are many problems to attend to. I think the premiere asks and answers why he didn’t wake up and why he does. And she is back with us and she will once again be the leader of the Super Squad, she will once again be the hero of our show, and she will once again be a person who faces 900 problems that everyone is looking to solve.

Hope and Landon are happily reunited and get back together. How will your relationship evolve and change this season?

They are really going to be put through a bigger test than they have ever faced. Their dynamics, this push and pull of loving someone and wanting them to be a part of what you do, but also the inherent dangers of fighting the forces of evil, is something they will continue to struggle with. … A big part of Season 3, which is always central to the show, [is that] they’re going to be tested in ways they’ve never been and all of that will spread throughout Season 3.

Will we get to see more of Hope’s relationships with other cast members?

I’ll say that this season, for me, the show really goes through Hope this year. So I think we will explore Hope’s relationship with everyone throughout the season, because she really is the center of the show.

It was also revealed that Josie decided to stay with Caroline. How long will Josie be gone?

It won’t be a long absence, but Josie will be on a very interesting journey this year. Obviously, he took a dark and violent path in season 2. He will go back and solve those problems and solve what he wants from his life and find out where he fits in at the Salvatore School and with his friends. , as a result of its darkening. [Her absence] it will be very brief.

Can we see her when she’s out with Caroline and figuring things out?

Candice does not appear in the episode. I think some people don’t understand the television business because not all the characters are in every episode. There are times when we have to wrap certain characters and it also allows us to push other support players further to the ground. That’s just the natural ebb and flow. It was certainly a good time for her to take a breath and receive some motherly advice. And the perspective it brings as a result of that will unfold in Season 3.

We also saw that Lizzie is still overprotective and thinks she can handle everything. That exploded in his face. How will we see it grow and change?

Lizzie will continue a lot on her way. What I love about Lizzie is that people often see Lizzie as trauma and what others consider “damaged” as a sign of her weakness. I think Lizzie is weirdly an aspiring character, in a sense she’s someone who’s always trying to be better. I really admire that about her, but clearly the fallout from the things Josie did over the course of Season 2 impacted her greatly. … She will have to make a decision whether to use her old tactics or continue her growth. And even on the other side of whatever decision you make, what does your relationship with Josie look like after that trauma? Their relationship has always been so clear and has really changed as a result of the events of season 2. She will try to navigate that while also being there for Josie a bit because Josie has always been there for her.

You seemed to touch it in season 2, but is there any chance we’ll see heretic Lizzie?

Never say Never. I don’t want to talk about if or when we would do it. Obviously it is something that is in mythology. We also like Lizzie the way she is and the journey she’s on. Certainly all possibilities exist in the future, but we are really excited about the story that we are telling with Lizzie right now.

You mocked that many evil forces are coming. How long will the Necromancer stay? And what can we expect from Malivore?

That’s one of watching the show to find out. I certainly don’t want to tell the timeline, but the Necromancer, heading into Season 3, is going to make a great move that will forever change our mythology. So this will be a year where many of those questions will be answered and much of the Malivorous mythology, as we know it, will move forward. We are very excited about all those things. But yeah, the Necromancer is definitely up to something dark, as he certainly always is and has these supernatural things. [mercenaries] to achieve what he has never done before, so it will be a really bad thing for our children.

How many episodes have you completed so far in the current season?

We are only seven or eight [episodes] in the current season.

Did you have to change a lot of stories and scenes for Season 3 amid COVID-19 restrictions?

COVID was a great challenge. COVID is still a huge challenge, just in terms of the way we film the show, watch the show, and write the show. So they’ll see a season 3 that I think reflects that. As writers, we had to make some very smart decisions about how to protect our cast and how to protect our crew, but having seen some of the new material, I’m really excited about how the show looks and what everyone is bringing in. And a big thank you to our cast and crew who are really going the extra mile. Making movies in a pandemic isn’t fun, it’s dangerous, and it’s a bit scary. But everyone really goes above and beyond to bring this story that, hopefully, fans want to see. That is no small thing. It’s an unprecedented moment in television history that each show has to deal with in its own way, but the impact is profound and I’m very proud of how our team is doing.

I have some very frequently asked questions from fans for you. Hope previously gave Josie a talisman. Will that ever come up again?

I think we will see it again. I have a very specific idea of ​​when we will see it. It probably won’t be for a while, but these things always change as the stories change. I wouldn’t want to get engaged, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if we saw it again. I have a plan for it and we will see how the seasons evolve.

Fans also want to know why Hope and Lizzie’s word was “Fatum” which means fate / destiny / doom, while in the world of film noir in the episode “There is a place where lost things go.” Will Lizzie tell Hope what it means?

That’s a word conjured by the therapy box. As we delve deeper into season 3, what the therapy box says is that Hope, as the first new episodes of the season explore, thinks the message of that is that she’s always destined to choose between Landon and her friends. , as The Therapy Box featured her within that episode. It’s not specific to the Lizzie and Hope dynamic, but more specific to Hope’s personal journey in the therapy box. That’s a lesson taught to him, and he will certainly rest with that very specifically in the first part of Season 3.

So do fate, fate, and prophecy play a big role in season 3?

Is big. It’s a great thing. It’s usually on these shows, it always has been. It has been something that is intertwined throughout The vampire diaries and The originals, and so, yes, it will certainly be something that will be in the foreground at various points.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9 pm PT / ET on The CW.


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