Laura Zapata says that a false father gave the holy oils to her grandmother

The actress Laura Zapata became a trend, after publishing that a false father deceived her and gave the holy oils to her grandmother, Eva Monge.

This was made known through his Twitter account, where he said that a person, named Francisco, approached him and lied to take advantage of his fame.

He called me to see what was offered to me, I asked to give the holy oils to my grandmother. I uploaded the photographs and data that was hard to believe began to arrive.

He is not a father, he is a person who uses artists to upload photographs with us and thus go climbing for his intentions ”, said Zapata.

According to the artist, she realized that the father was lying and was false, as she has called it, after posting photos with him on his social networks.

Zapata assured that his fans began to send him private photos of the “father” and that they alerted him that this was not his profession.

I alert my fellow artists, Carmen Salinas and Felicia Mercado of this false father who steals identity and profession.

No one in the Catholic Church knows him. He does not have credentials to officiate and he does have a lot of lip to deceive (…) He deceived my entire family, officiating masses for our deceased loved ones, ”Zapata said in his publications.

Other celebrities, such as Ricardo González, Cepillín’s son, said that the person is known as “Father Paco” and that he offered a mass for the “Payasito de la tele”.

Here we leave you the publications of Laura Zapata, where she denounced the “false father” for giving the holy oils to her grandmother Eva Monge.

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