Laura Zapata receives death threats after removing her grandmother from asylum

The actress Laura Zapata received death threatsAfter her grandmother Eva Mange was removed from the rest home for the elderly where she was, where she was reportedly abused and mistreated.

This was reported by the actress of novels such as Wild Rose, Intrusive Y Maria mercedes, to the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

According to Zapata, the spokesperson for the nursing home threatened her by phone and told her: “Damn old woman, I’m going to kill you, my father is in the nursing home and, if something happens to him, you’re the culprit.”

The Mexican actress pointed out that she only opened an investigation folder against whoever is responsible for the mismanagement of the place.

Likewise, Laura Zapata told the Mexican media that she regrets that, despite showing that she has been threatened by Ernesto Cisneros, the local spokesperson, she discovered that her request had not been followed.

Laura Zapata has denounced that in the asylum where her grandmother was, who is also from ThalĂ­a, they offer poor treatment to residents, spoiled food, facilities that are not easily accessible for the elderly, as well as a poor, unhealthy service where they use unusable medical instruments.

Likewise, Laura Zapata He ruled out entering into a dialogue with the spokesperson after the death threats he received and regretted that the authorities did not proceed with the threats made against the actress.

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