Launch of the new trailer for ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​during the Super Bowl

The MCU is trading sitcoms for a cop buddy show, of some sort, if the odd cop couple were an avian-themed superhero and a former killer with robotic weapons. With WandaVisionWell into the season, Marvel Studios is anticipating their next Disney + series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The last time we saw Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson (aka the Falcon) and Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier), Sam had inherited Captain America’s star shield. Marvel teased what’s next during Sunday’s Super Bowl, debuting a new venue that’s equal parts explosions and odd couple pranks.

Daniel Brühl is also back as purple-hooded Baron Zemo, with Emily VanCamp reprising her role as Sharon Carter and Wyatt Russell joining the universe as John Walker AKA Agent USA.

The series, which has been compared to a Marvel movie that ran for six episodes, comes from lead writer Malcolm Spellman and director Kari Skogland.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres March 19 on Disney +.


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