Kyra Sedgwick tells a funny story about how she pressed Tom Cruise’s panic button at a first party

Kyra Sedgwick shouldn’t expect to be invited to any of Tom Cruise’s future parties. The 55-year-old actress shared a wild story on Wednesday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show about a glamorous party he attended about 30 years ago at the Mission Impossible star house.

At that time, Sedgwick had already starred in the 1989 film Born on July 4th with Cruise and her husband, Kevin Bacon, had just filmed the 1992 classic A few good men with the.

“I was pregnant, I was very pregnant and they invited us to dinner,” Sedgwick shared about her and Bacon. “They invited us to dinner with a lot of famous people like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, because she was in [A Few Good Men]. Rob Reiner was there, it was a flow, and Nicole [Kidman] It was there. It was one of those nights that I’m not often invited to. ”

The Call your mother The actress then recalled how a little snooping around the A-lister’s mansion led to a big misstep.

“There was this, like, a fireplace mantel, and I was looking around and there was a little button under the mantel,” he said. “I was like, ‘Oh, what is that little button? So I pressed the little button because I thought maybe something interesting would happen. Nothing happened and then I got a little nervous.”

He then interrupted Cruise in the middle of the conversation to tell him what he had done.

“He says, ‘That’s the panic button,'” she recalled. “And then the policemen came, they had to stop the projection, they had to see Tom … I think there were more than five police cars, it was something. They didn’t invite me back.”


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