Kurt Cobain’s last session to be auctioned in NFT format

Nirvana is one of the most remembered rock bands of all timeNot only for the image of Kurt Cobain, but for the music and legacy left by the Seattle group in just three studio albums.

All the fans of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain would like to have a souvenir of the band, And of course, if hits like “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Molly’s Lips”, “Come As You Are” among others are hymns of a whole generation.

Nirvana: Kurt Cobain’s last session to be auctioned in NFT format

If you are a lifelong fan of Nirvana We have great news for you, as it will go on sale in the next few days the last photo shoot of the band, but it will not be in physical format but in NFT (Non-Fungible Token or Non-Fungible Token)

What is the NFT format?

For those who do not know what a NFT, it turns out, are pieces of digital art using blockchain technology to validate that they are the original versions of a work.

Although we can see hundreds of files on the Internet, the NTF is like a true copy of the author’s original file and it is implemented in a chain of blocks, which would be the equivalent of a signature to authenticate this material.

Once it became clear what the NFT is, some iconic photos taken by Jesse Frohman will be auctioned under this format, so all fans of the band can bid for this one copy.

When was the last Nirvana photo shoot done?

The photo shoot was performed a few months before the death of the grunge idol, during the summer of 1993 and in the first instance they wanted the session to be in New York.

But since arriving on time was never Kurt Cobain’s thing, they had to improvise and they changed the venue, so He used one of the lounges of the hotel where Nirvana was staying that day.

By the way, by then, Kurt Cobain already had serious stomach pains, so they had to carry a bucket in case he vomited during the session.

After six months, Kurt Cobain decided to take his own life and all the band’s material such as first editions, autographs and other collectibles went up in value.

How many photos make up the latest Nirvana photo shoot?

The collection that will be put on sale will be 104 images with negatives, polaroid files and other unpublished photos to be sold to the highest bidder.

The offer will start next May 3 and it will open with a price of 27.27 Ethereum (a cryptocurrency), which is equivalent to 72 thousand dollars.

But within all this there is good news, since part of the proceeds will go to the JED Foundation, which runs campaigns to prevent suicide and encourages mental health for adolescents.

By the way, if you don’t have enough $ 70,000 to bid on “The Last Session”, there will also be some sessions from the Nevermind era for $ 7,000 or some portraits from the In Utero sessions for $ 2,600.

Who wants to buy the latest Nirvana photo shoot?

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