Kourtney Kardashian shares sweet hand photo with Travis Barker

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker still feel the love. The new couple shared a sweet photo of their hand on social media on Tuesday, the day after Valentine’s Day.

Kardashian’s Instagram snap shows her hand intertwined with Barker’s during a trip together. Her Valentine-themed heart manicure peeks out from under Barker’s tattooed hand. He left the post without captions, but Barker commented with a black heart emoji. She also shared the photo on her Instagram story.

Fans couldn’t help but enthusiastically speak about the romantic photo in the comments.

A source confirmed to ET earlier this month that Kardashian and Barker had started dating after years of friendship.

“Kourtney and Travis have been in a platonic relationship for years and have been friends and family friends for a long time, but recently something came up and their relationship has turned romantic,” the source said. “They live on the same block and things are very easy between them because they know each other very well and they just click and meet.”

Since then, the couple have left flirty comments on each other’s Instagrams and showcased their romantic Valentine’s Day together on social media. The two seemed to have a nice time by the fire, while Kardashian also posted a poem that referenced Barker’s gang.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, garlic bread, Blink-182,” the poem read.

See more about the pair in the video below.


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