Kimberly Loaiza and JD Pantoja present their new baby: Juanito

The couple and internet star, Kimberly Loaiza and JD Pantoja presented their new baby and his name is Juanito.

In just a few hours, the video has positioned itself in the first places of tendencies of several countries and already adds more than 10 million of views on YouTube.

I’m a little nervous, the cesarean section scares me a bit, but I know that everything will be fine, everything will be perfect, “said Kimberly Loaiza during the video.

In the material, the young influencers showed their excitement, counting the minutes to meet their new baby.

How crazy, this is the best day of my life, just like when Kim was born, the best days of my life, what beauty. Juanito, son, we love you, ”said Juan de Dios Pantoja.

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Also, while carrying out the cesarean section, JD Pantoja was desperate, before going to the operating room, where he accompanied his wife.

In addition, the video on YouTube, the couple took the opportunity to make a publication on their TikTok account, where they already add more than 46.6 million views and more than 5 million likes.

@ kimberly.loaiza


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Here we leave you the complete video with which Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja presented their new baby, named Juanito.

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