Kim Kardashian ‘is getting used to her new norm’ amid Kanye West divorce, source says

Kim Kardashian is adjusting to her new way of life amid her divorce from Kanye West.

A source tells ET, the 40-year-old man keeping up with the Kardashians star “has been doing her best to surround herself with her family and good friends, be sociable, go out and, of course, take care of her children.”

“She is focused on making sure her children are cared for and protected,” notes the source, adding, “But she’s definitely still getting used to her new norm.”

Kardashian filed for divorce on February 19. Earlier this week, ET confirmed that the rapper submitted his response. The two asked for joint legal and physical custody of their four children.

West also asked that the court’s ability to award spousal support and attorneys’ fees to either party be terminated. While Kardashian had referenced her prenuptial agreement in her filing, West said separate ownership is yet to be determined based on the evidence at the time of trial or settlement.

“Kim filing for divorce from Kanye is just a formal part of the process,” a source told ET about the separation. “The couple have broken up for a while and they have been friendly for a while. At the end of the day, Kanye and Kim love each other immensely, but they knew it was time to drop everything. Their children are their number one priority and no matter what they will support. a positive relationship for them. “

The former couple’s marital problems begin to manifest themselves in the latest season of KUWTK. In an episode last month, Kardashian was seen grappling with tensions in her marriage while trying to keep the most personal details away from the cameras.

Kris Jenner recently shared her personal divorce advice amid her daughter’s separation from West, saying WSJ Magazine that children come first.

“I think the most important thing I learned through my experience, from my two experiences, is that children come first,” shared the family matriarch. “I think if you keep that in the front of your mind, and you know that they will help you get by, that love will get you through, no matter how much it hurts.”

For more on Kardashian West’s relationship, check out the video below.


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